Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Year's Resolving...

This may come as no surprise to you but my family, and all of our traditions are firmly rooted in food.

Food is how we say I love you; I miss you; I'm sorry; you're special; feel better; and congratulations.  It's also how we express our hurt, anger and frustrations.  My mother has taught me that a well placed pickle can show someone just how displeased you are with them.  I've discovered that there's no better solution to a potentially lonely night at home than an invitation for a halibut fillet poached in tomato broth, a hearty bowl of bolognese or a pot of steaming and soothing chicken soup.

Ah - that chicken soup.  I think the most important food lesson I've learned from my mother is that a bowl of homemade chicken soup is the cure for any ailment you may have including (but not limited to) any of the following:  head colds, chest colds, headaches, chills, dizziness, pneumonia, bronchitis, toothache, broken limbs, broken heart, concussions, costochondritis, scoliosis, cancer, stroke, broken ribs, ulcers, diverticulitis, and, if you leave out the noodles, celiac disease.  It's my goal to share more of these tips, tricks and family stories with you over the coming year.

As we begin 2012, my resolutions for the part of my life that focuses on food are similar to the rest of my resolutions.  To be more open to possibility and opportunity; to try new things and not be afraid of them; to throw away the recipe and trust my instincts; to use well prepared gourmet meals to cultivate an army of minions to further my plot for world domination...oh wait...Where was I? Oh yes, to borrow one of my favorite quotes from Wolfgang Puck, my motto for 2012 is to "Laugh, Love and Eat!" 

I wish all of you a joyous, successful and delicious New Year filled with love from your favorite Meatballs!

Maryanne (and Meatball too!)

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